Unique Gifts For Women

Hand Grip Strengthener

Do some warmups everyday to strengthen the muscles in your hands and get those joints moving with this Hand Grip Strengthener. Great gift for anyone who has problems with stiff hands.

This device helps to correctly rebalance muscle s...Read More..

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Giant Leaf Scoop

Don't use your bare hands to scoop up enormous piles of leaves, use this super handy Giant Leaf Scoop. Simple to use, you just grip the handles and scoop away all the leaves into your leaf bag in seconds.

These giant leaf scoops can ...Read More..

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Garden Gnome Massacre Cat Statue

Add a little laughter to your garden with the Garden Gnome Massacre Cat Statue. A hilarious take on the common garden gnome, this rampaging kitty is tearing through the garden demolishing as many gnomes as she can. This statue isn't only li...Read More..

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Wet Paint Graphic Hoodie

Stand out in the crowd while looking insanely original with a Wet Paint Graphic Hoodie. These 3D surreal hoodies look like different colored wet paint has been thrown on them. Made of comfortable cotton and polyester these one-of-a-kind hoo...Read More..

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Pepperoni Pizza Umbrella

Don't get caught in the rain without an awesome umbrella.  This pepperoni pizza umbrella is full of your favorite topping.  Keep dry and have some laughs with this waterproof umbrella. It's cheesy and funny and will definitely keep your clothe...Read More..


Game Of Thrones Cutting Board

This unique Game Of Thrones Cutting Board is perfect for your kitchen this winter and all seasons. It's made from durable natural bamboo and has a handle for easy gripping and storing.

This beautiful board is laser engraved with a pu...Read More..

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Fitness Storage Belt

If you are looking for a great gift for someone who is a die hard fitness fan, then you definitely need to get them a FlipBelt Fitness Storage Belt. This cool fitness accessory is perfect for storing your keys, wallet, ID and phone around y...Read More..


Outdoor Mist Stand

The FlexCobra mist stand is the perfect gift for the summertime.  Everyone enjoys a cool mist on a hot summer day.  Lay in your backyard or your deck with a mister and tan away.  Great for kids to play in and pets to cool off under.  

<...Read More..


Magnetic Beer Hanger

The original BottleLoft, the world's first and patented bottle hanging device to free up space and make your refrigerator cooler! Simply peel, stick, and place on your refrigerator ceiling. Manufactured from a premium high grade 3M adhesive...Read More..

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Collapsible Camping Survival Lantern

An excellent quality lantern that collapses to become easily portable and stored. Military grade, long lasting lantern that gives off bright LED lights.  Great for camping, outdoors and dark places that need some light. Include it in your e...Read More..

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Selfie Gnomes

Make your garden as up to date with social media as you are.  These selfie garden gnomes pose for a cute selfie together right in your beautiful garden.  Take a photo of your gnomes taking selfies and post them on your social media for a lot o...Read More..


Beanie Bluetooth Headphone Speaker

This wireless Beanie Bluetooth Headphone Speaker hat keeps your head warm and music playing for you at the same time. Answer phone calls and listen to music hands free. Features premium double soft knit to provide the...Read More..

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Heavy Duty BBQ Tool Set

The Alpha Grillers Heavy Duty BBQ Tool Set features an extra thick stainless steel spatula, fork, basting brush, tongs and comes in a gift box package. Extra thick. Solid stainless steel. You'll be amazed how sturdy each tool feels in your ...Read More..

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Dual Chamber Water Bottle

Drink and snack on the go with a Dual Chamber Water Bottle. This water bottle can hold up to 20oz of hot or cold liquid and on the base it can store up to 7oz of dry food or it can even hold personal items such as keys or cash. It features ...Read More..

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Shipping Container Tissue Boxes

These super clever Shipping Container Tissue Boxes are designed to look like mini shipping containers. Convenient and durable, they make a great gift for the home decorator or builder in the family. Available in a huge range of colors and size...Read More..

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Buddy Bumper Bubble Play Ball

The Buddy Bumper Bubble Play Ball is perfect for family reunions, picnics, birthday parties, barbecues, at the beach or really anywhere kids and families go to have fun! Less costly and far more portable than th...Read More..

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Neck Support Pillow

Take this neck support with you wherever you travel and you will have a comfortable trip every time.  You will never have another strained neck or uncomfortable sleep in the plane or car ever again.  This neck support wraps around your neck ke...Read More..


Mosquito Killer Light

Enjoy a bug free home with this Mosquito Killer Light. Safe for people, pets and babies this zapper has a special UV light which lures the insects from above into its silent fan where they stick to the super sticky glue boards at the base o...Read More..

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Mini Portable Oven

The HotLogic Mini Portable Oven is revolutionizing the hot meal experience! Whether you're busy on the road or at the job site, this Mini Portable Oven is perfect for making hot, delicious food on the go. Whether you are cooking or reheatin...Read More..

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Tweedz Braided Headphones

Looking for some cool new headphones that are durable yet stylish enough to complement your SWAG? These Tweedz braided earbuds are the perfect choice! They come in multiple colors so you can mix and match them with your outfits every day. Made...Read More..