Realistic Mermaid Tails

  • $84.95

If you're going to look like a genuine mermaid then you are definitely going to need one of these realistic mermaid tails. These mermaid tails look so real you'd be forgiven for thinking they were anything but the real deal. With super stretchy material these come in sizes available for kids right through to adults. The tails even have little socks at the base for you to easily slide your feet into for a super comfy fit.

These realistic mermaid tails also come in a variety of colors including, Barracuda Black, New Malibu Pink, Tropical Sunrise Arctic Blue plus many others. The colors are super bright and shimmery which is exactly what you would expect a mermaid tail to look like.

So go ahead and live out your dream of being a mermaid with one of these incredible tails!


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