Kitchen Gifts

Mug Shot Glass Set

If you're feeling gangster-like than this Mug Shot Glass Set featuring mug shots of six of America's most notorious gangsters is right up your alley. The mug shots include; Al Capone, John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Machine Gun Kelly, Luc...Read More..

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Assault Battery Salt and Pepper Shakers

A clever play on words and a cute pair of salt and pepper shakers.  The salt is assaulting the pepper so it looks like a battery with an assault rifle who is about to commit battery.  This is a lot of fun on the table to get everyone talkin...Read More..

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Hot Sauce Making Kit

This Hot Sauce Making Kit is perfect for chilli lovers and anyone who loves hot sauces. With this kit you will learn how to make sensational hot sauces that everyone will love. It also comes with six delicious recipes to try including class...Read More..

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Nail Beer Bottle Opener

Enjoy a bottle of beer with this simple yet genius nail beer bottle opener. It's simple and rustic design is all you need in your man cave to open that chilled bottle of beer and enjoy it with your buddies. The handle is designed to comfort...Read More..

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Eat Your Heart Out Pasta

Make a delicious heartwarming pasta dinner with these Eat Your Heart Out Pasta packs. Indulge in comfort food with love with these beautifully crafted heart shaped pasta pieces.

You can't help but smile when you eat these tasty heart...Read More..

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Mustache Ice Cube Molds

Add a touch of style and fun to your drinks with these mustache ice cube molds and let the laughter melt your worries away. These molds let you freeze a variety of different styles of stashes to pop into your drinks. Works great as a chocol...Read More..

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Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press

Turn every morning into a religious experience with the Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press. Make the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich with this amazing mold that toasts a Jesus impression on your sandwich. This grill features non-stick plates w...Read More..

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I Can't Adult Today Mug

This heat-changing I Can't Adult Today Mug is perfect for that person who just can't adult on a regular basis. This is a plain black mug but once it's filled with a hot liquid it reveals a grumpy looking cat with the message, "I can't adult...Read More..

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Mug Warmer

Stop worrying about your beverages going cold with this convenient easy-to-carry Mug Warmer. This is going to be your favorite coffee accessory as it can practically be taken with you anywhere you go, plus it keeps your beverages hot for ho...Read More..

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Bagel Slicer

Easily slice your bagels with this convenient slicer.  All you have to do is place your bagel in the base and insert the top handle to cut through your bagel perfectly in half.  

No more knives and struggles with the round bagel on y...Read More..

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Dipping Man Tea Infuser

This unique Dipping Man Tea Infuser looks like a man is taking a dip in your cup while carefully hanging on to the edges of the cup. It is the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys drinking tea on a regular basis. You will also surprise your ...Read More..

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Kids Construction Plate and Utensils

Make meal times fun for kids with this Kids Construction Plate and Utensils set. This fun meal time set includes a construction plate which is divided into several different sections and a fork-lift fork, front loader spoon and a bull dozer...Read More..

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Home Brewing Beer Kit

There are countless brewers out there that first started out brewing beer by trying out the Mr Beer Home Brewing Beer Kit and have never looked back. That's because the Mr Beer kit offers the best out-of-the-box exper...Read More..

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Hedgehog Toothpick Holder

Some of our friends can be a little prickly, just like this Hedgehog Toothpick Holder, but at least this cutie will hand you a toothpick when you need one. This little guy displays toothpicks on his back and con...Read More..

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Lego Candy Molds

Make lego shaped candy with these amazing Lego Candy Molds. Fun for kids and adults, these molds can be used to made Lego replicas using jelly, fondant, ice cubes, lollies, chocolate or any other tasty treats you enjoy making. These food-gr...Read More..

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Doctor Who Mug

The ultimate geek mug has arrived in the form of this Doctor Who Mug. You will have a hard time putting down this mug while sipping away your morning cup of coffee or hot tea.

This mug may not take you to...Read More..

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Set of 4 Lab Shot Glasses

Bring out the mad scientist in you with this Set of 4 Lab Shot Glasses. Start your party right and show everyone your geeky side by handing out shots in these chemistry-looking shot glasses. These whimsical shot glasses are the perfect gift...Read More..

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Hillary Nutcracker

The hilarious Hillary Nutcracker stands at 9 inches tall and can crack even the toughest nuts. Made of stainless steel, the cracker has its teeth secured inside her upper legs to grip and crack nuts in their shell. Hilarious gag gift for th...Read More..

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Melting Cat Candle

This Melting Cat Candle reveals a grinning metallic cat skeleton beneath its exterior as the wax slowly melts away. At first glance this look like your ordinary everyday candle shaped like a cat. However, strike a match and light the wick a...Read More..

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Cereal Marshmallows 1 Pound

Add a bit of cheer to any cereal you have at home with the 1pound bag of Cereal Marshmallows. You don't have to buy the one kind of cereal that has the marshmallows and get three measly marshmallows in a whole bowl.  

Add as many as ...Read More..

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