Avengers Captain America Rug

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Calling all Captain America fans! Wow, do we have a rug for you! This super thick and plush Avengers Captain America rug feels so plush under your feet it's sure to please the fussiest of the fussest! Captain America is the alter ego of Steve Rogers and his costume bears an American flag motif and Captain America himself utilizes an almost indestructible shield which he can throw as a projectile; and now, you can have that very same shield design, as a rug! 

You can just see and feel the Captain America awesomeness of this rug and no matter where you place it in your home, be sure to stand in the centre and shout out, "Avengers Assemble".

This crimefighter rug comes in 5 different diameter sizes so be sure to measure up your space and get the size right before you checkout. And don't forget to check the pics to see how thick and plush this rug really is!

This incredible and well-designed acrylic rug is perfect for Captain America fans and great for kids room or anyone who is a fan of The Avengers.

- Inspired by Captain America and his powerful shield.
- Available in a range of sizes from 60cms - 1 metre.
- Thick, plush acrylic fibres.
- Perfect for kids rooms and man caves.

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