Gifts for Kids

Shop form our hand picked list of unique educational gifts for kids of all ages. Kids love presents that are fun and unique. Odd Gifts scours the web daily to find and feature only cool and unusual gifts guaranteed to be as awesome as their unique recipient boys and girls.

Pizza Cone Making Set

Pizza in a cone? Why not? Everybody loves pizza, if you say you don’t, you’re lying. Pizza cones are the newest way to prepare fun pizzas for yourself, friends and family. This pizza cone making set is non-stick for easy clean-up and featur...Read More..

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Gourmet Chocolate Pizza

This Gourmet Chocolate Pizza is made with the finest Belgian chocolate, brownie, vanilla fudge pieces and white chocolate shavings. It measures around 18 cm x 18 cm x 1.2 cm and even comes in a pizza box! It makes a great chocolate gift by ...Read More..

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Pizza Box Oven

This awesome Pizza Box Oven takes cooking your favorite pizza to an entirely new level with its fun and unique design! The Pizza Box Oven has top and bottom heating elements and a rotating, easy to clean non-stick pan. It cooks up to a 12-i...Read More..

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Blueberry Popsicle Sculpture

This cool sculpture is designed to look like a melting blueberry popsicle. Inspired by the Pop Art movement, this fun sculpture makes a colorful addition with a flavorful twist to any living space. The sculpture is made of resin and a woode...Read More..

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Funky Veg Kit

Purple carrots, Red Brussel Sprouts, Stripy Tomatoes, Yellow Zucchini and Multi Colored Swiss Chard, these are the 5 funky vegetables that you can grow with the Funky Veg Kit. Everything you need to grow these we...Read More..


Salt & Pepper Wand Shakers

Abracadabra! Turn your meal from bland to brilliant all with the wave of these Salt & Pepper Wand Shakers. They won’t magically make a meal appear in front of you, but the wands will season your meal with a light sprinkling o...Read More..


Mushroom Farm Kit

Fungus is growing everywhere, spores are thriving and mushrooms are sprouting in the kitchen! No, we’re not talking about an episode of The Walking Dead we’re talking about growing your own mushrooms with this amazing kit. Known as meat for ve...Read More..


Camera Lens Mug

Yes we know this Camera Lens Mug looks just like an actual camera lens but we can’t stop drinking our coffee from one of these. This would have to be one of the most original gifts you could give to any photographer as it looks j...Read More..


Self Stirring Mug

It’s the perfect mug for perfectly lazy people. Simply tip in your coffee or tea, the amount of sugar you want, add hot water and press the button on the handle and watch your beverage whirl and whirl as it starts to self stir it...Read More..


Snow Cone Maker

Whether you’re trying to beat the heat, having a party or just want a cold treat this Snow Cone Maker is the answer to all your frozen dreams. The Snow Cone Maker makes perfect snow cones, slushies and party drinks in a flash. It...Read More..


Muffin Top Baking Cups

We’ve all been out in public and seen the muffin top look on someone. Well, now you can bake your own muffin tops in your own home with these Muffin Top Baking Cups. Simply fill up the cups with your favorite batter, pop in the o...Read More..


Tetris Cookie Cutters

Create Tetris block shaped cookies with these fun cookie cutters.  Each cookie cutter is a different shape and color from the game we all know and love.  This set includes seven tetrimino shapes that will add a novelty twist to your baking.  G...Read More..


Spinning Spaghetti Fork

Let the fork do all the hard work for you when you're catch some spaghetti.  This amazingly fun fork spins when you press a button to gather up the spaghetti in your plate onto the fork.  Have fun playing with your food and enjoying an excitin...Read More..


Astronaut Ice Cream

Feel like your are floating in zero gravity in space when you indulge in this delicious freeze dried ice cream.  You will feel like you are on a mission to mars when you try this ice cream. It is packaged and made for astronauts but you can en...Read More..


Glass Milk Carton

Milk, it does a body gooooood! Nowadays there are so many ways to use milk other than just drinking it straight. Milk is used for cereals, protein shakes, ice cream, smoothies, cookies and the list goes on. If you love milk and grew up drinkin...Read More..


Lego Candy Molds

Make lego men and lego blocks candy from these molds.  You can use these molds to make fun and silly ice cubes, chocolate, jello, soap, crayons and much more.  Your kids will go crazy over the awesome stuff you create with these molds.  You ca...Read More..


Doctor Who Mug

The ultimate geek mug has arrived. You will have a hard time putting down this Figural Tardis mug while sipping away your morning cup of coffee or hot tea since you will be stuck in time travel. By the time you snap out of your time travel you...Read More..


Bacon Bandages

Next time your doctor tells you no more bacon you can surprise him with these die-cut sterile strip bandages. Imagine that, doctor approved bacon! Even though most American households carry bandages in their medicine cabinet at home and at wor...Read More..


Mario Bros Level-Up Mug

It is safe to claim that Super Mario Bros. is to video games as Coca Cola is to soda. Being one of the most if not the most popular games in the world, Mario has been in almost every American household since the 80's. Today it is a highly soug...Read More..


Cereal Marshmallows 1 Pound

Add a bit of cheer to any cereal you have at home.  You don't have to buy the one kind of cereal that has the marshmallows and get three measly marshmallows in a whole bowl.  Add as many as you like in any kind of cereal you choose.  You can a...Read More..