Nixie Tube Clock

  • $249.00

Exceptional, beautiful and timeless is the only way to describe this Nixie tube clock. This beautiful and well-made clock uses Nixie tubes that are at least 35 years old and from the former Soviet Union. It's also fitted with 'new old stock', meaning that the tubes have not been used previously in any other equipment, this is done for maximum lifespan of the tubes however they still retain their original markings on the back.

If required, the tubes are easily replaced as they are not soldered to the PVB plus you don't need any adapters either. This impressive Nixie tube clock also features a built in motion sensor which turns the Nixie tubes off when no one is near the clock, this is done to prolong the tubes lifespan and to conserve energy. The clock has a stunning olive ash body finish which has been polished with Danish oil.

This Nixie tube clock even comes presented in its own stylish wooden box ready for gift giving.


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