For The Chef

Gourmet Popcorn Seasoning Kit

Turn your movie nights up a notch with this delicious gourmet popcorn seasoning kit which is bursting with incredible flavors. This appetizing hamper includes white gold corn kernels and the seasonings included are; sizzling spicy Sriracha,...Read More..

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Banana Slicer

Slice bananas faster, quicker and safer with this super handy banana slicer. This is a must-have gadget for every kitchen and is a thousand times faster and SAFER that using a sharp knife to slice your bananas.

This slicer slices thr...Read More..

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Transparent Book Weight

This transparent book weight is ideal for cooking in the kitchen and looking at a recipe book without having to hold your pages down. The best part is that it is transparent so you can easily read through the transparency and focus on the task...Read More..

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Titanic Ice Cube Trays

Ice ahead! Recreate history with these Titanic ice cube trays. The reusable mold allows you to make up to four icy Titanic replicas and four icebergs to cool your drinks down. Simply fill up with water and pop in...Read More..

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Squirrel Nut Bowl

This handcrafted squirrel nut bowl features a clever little squirrel balancing on the edge of a tree stump as he watches over his treasured collection of nuts. Fill this unique bowl up with your favorite nuts and it will definitely be a nut...Read More..

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Taco Man Wallet

The taco man wallet is like a mini organiser for your pocket putting all your bits and bobs in one place plus the tacos have magnificent mustaches to boot. This is a bi-fold wallet made from vegan leather. It fe...Read More..

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Ultimate Variety Food Gift Box

Everyone loves to receive food as a gift and we mean everyone - and this ultimate variety food gift box is jam packed with snacks, cookies, bars, chips and candy. This gift box contains 45 salty, sweet, savory and also healthy snacks that e...Read More..

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Rainbow Chopsticks

These reusable rainbow chopsticks are so stylish and lightweight they are a must-have item for anyone who loves using chopsticks. This set of 5 rounded stainless steel chopsticks look absolutely stunning and never lose their rainbow polish ...Read More..

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Tactical Bacon

If you are a die hard bacon fan and think that you are going to need to have bacon in an emergency situation, then this can of tactical bacon is for you. This is the ultimate bacon lovers friend as it comes in a geared up-for-battle can.Read More..

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Corn Stripper

Quickly and easily remove corn from the cob in one twist with this super handy corn stripper. This is a must-have gadget in every kitchen and makes removing corn kernels a breeze so you can quickly add corn to any meal. The stainless steel ...Read More..

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Cow Cheese Slice Holder

Give this cow cheese slice holder a home in your fridge and you will never fumble for your cheese slices again. This cheese holder has a black and white cattle print on the outside and can hold up to 24 slices of cheese on the inside. This ...Read More..

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Wine and Glass Guitar Holder

This funky wine and glass guitar holder holds up to 9 bottles of wine and 4 glasses to add a hip and musical style to any room. This wine rack isn't just any old rack, its made from both metal and wood plus its cool guitar shape adds a decorat...Read More..

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Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Kids and adults alike will love cookies made from these Star Wars cookie cutters. These cutters allow you to cut cookie dough into the shapes of popular Star Wars characters. Once baked you can decorate them with icing and chocolate creatin...Read More..

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Star Wars Water Bottle

This R2D2 Star Wars water bottle has a stainless steel interior and exterior to keep your liquids extra cool for hours. It features an easy one touch push button that instantly opens the cover to expose the straw for easy sipping on the go. Hy...Read More..

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Star Wars Coffee Mug

May the froth be with you every time you drink from this Star Wars coffee mug. This mug features a high resolution image of a stormtrooper and reads; "May the froth be with you." This isn't a stick-on decal it is an actual logo printed on t...Read More..

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Roast Turkey Hat

Is that a roast turkey hat on your head or are you just hungry to see me? This utterly ridiculous turkey hat is light brown and shaped like a roast turkey with drumsticks on top. Wear it while preparing a turkey holiday meal or just for fun...Read More..

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Microwave Bacon Cooker

Whether you like your bacon crispy or chewy, this microwave bacon cooker can cook up to 6 strips of bacon to perfection every time in your microwave. The cooker keeps your bacon elevated so the greasy fat...Read More..

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Smart Egg Tray

This smart egg tray tells you how many eggs you have left and which eggs are the oldest. As you remove the eggs it detects and syncs with your phone to let you know the exact count of eggs. Perfect when you're out shopping and can't remembe...Read More..

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Monster Spaghetti Colander

This monster spaghetti colander looks a tad kooky but he can't wait to serve you up a delicious bowl of freshly cooked spaghetti. Don't let this monsters cute eyes fool you, this monster colander is a must-have kitchen tool. So, if you're p...Read More..

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Sizzling Bacon Exploding Candy

This sizzling bacon exploding candy not only tastes like bacon, it also turns your mouth into a frying pan. Pop some of the candy in your mouth and in a matter of seconds the candy will begin to sizzle on your tongue. Don’t worry...Read More..

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Scratch and Sniff Whisky Guide

This scratch and sniff whisky guide is the ultimate guide to becoming a whiskey know it all. Know the real difference between the important things like scotch and rye, not just by googling it but by being able to tell the difference by smel...Read More..

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