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Turn Signal Cycling Gloves

A must-have for every cyclist, these Turn Signal Cycling Gloves allow you to signal to oncoming traffic while keeping your hands safely on the handlebars. It also allows you to signal to traffic behind you using the stand...Read More..

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Call Me Bluetooth Gloves

These gloves allow you to talk on your cell phone via bluetooth in the universal "call me" position.  They have a speaker in the thumb and a microphone in the pinky so you can gesture talking on the phone and actually be able to connect.  T...Read More..

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Kids Animal Footprint Sandals

Your kids will certainly be leaving some interesting prints in the beach sand with these Kids Animal Footprint Sandals. These colorful wooden designer sandals are perfect for the beach and come in five versions, each ...Read More..

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Shark Sea Floor Mural

Bring an underwater world into your bathroom, (or any room) with this amazing Shark Sea Floor Mural. These life-like waterproof murals are super easy to apply with no gluing required as each mural is made from v...Read More..

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Wooden Tie

How much would a wood tie cost if a would tie could tie wood? Be different with this wooden tie instead of the boring conventional tie, wear this amazing new tie.  Easy to wear without having to learn out to tie it, you can just slip it around...Read More..


Minecraft Creeper Anatomy Hoodie

The most dreaded mod in Minecraft is unquestionably the creeper.  How does one defeat the sneaky destructive creature? It can be done but first, one must think like a creeper to understand it's intentions and it's sneaky ways.  Wear this aweso...Read More..


Lip Plumper

Kyle Jenner lips are very trendy and so is getting lip fillers, you can now make your lips look fuller and more plump with this little device.  It gives your lip muscles a work out with the suction and naturally plumps them.  You will have ful...Read More..


Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

At a first glance, it looks like a cool mine craft jacket when the hoodie is down but once you zip it up all the way, you transform into a creeper! This fun hoodie is a great gift for a Minecraft gamer fan or anyone who loves to have fun.  Read More..


Diamond Spa Jewelry Cleaner

This is the perfect cleaning kit for someone who owns jewelry. It cleans and keeps your jewelry looking bright and beautiful.

The best just got better! The ultimate personal jewelry steam cleaner with its...Read More..

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Trojan Horse Secret Jewelry Box

Hand made secret jewelry box that looks like a beautiful accessory.  Only you can know that this beautiful hand crafted sculpture is actually a jewelry box.