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Buying unique gifts is not an easy task - especially for people who seem to have everything. Odd Gifts works around the clock to bring you hand picked list of the most unique and unusual gifts from around the web. Our unique gift ideas are guaranteed to inspire you to always buy only cool and exciting gifts.

The Legend Men's Boxers

Look to the boxers to tell you who is who. These funny underwear boxers clearly point out who the man is and who the legend is. Great gift for a boyfriend or spouse or yourself. It's funny, clever, and you will get a rise out of him every t...Read More..


Shotgun Shell Pocket Knife

These 2.5 inch pocket knife looks like a cool shotgun shell.  It comes in multiple colors and is very stylish.  The blade is very sharp and made from stainless steel.  This is the perfect stocking stuffer for this christmas.  It is a great gif...Read More..


Tactical Xmas Stocking

Fill his intense Christmas stocking with tactical gear this year while you fill the kids stockings with candy.  He will love and appreciate your thoughtful gift.  This is the perfect Christmas gift for him and the ultimate reputation for you a...Read More..


Sushi Rolling Machine

Save time and nerves with this unique sushi rolling machine that rolls out the perfect pieces every time.  You will love using this machine so much that you will find excuses to invite friends over and show off your skills.  

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Meat Shredder Claws

One of the best kitchen tools for handling pork and other delicious meat.  With a great grip and easy to use style, you can now shred and pull pork with minimum effort and maximum outcome.  It's fun to use and to create a masterpiece of  delic...Read More..


Men's Wooden Watch

This beautiful handmade bamboo watch is sure to impresses your man with its organic look and strong style.  Its earthy and natural appearance will complement any outfit from work attire to casual, to classic styles.  It's a great way to incorp...Read More..


Emoji Throw Pillow

The funny emoji throw pillow everyone will love to have for laughs.  Great gift for teens and adults who love to use lots of emojis. 

  • Polypropelene
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Car Organizer

This unique gift is the best car organizer to keep your children's junk neatly tucked away in your car so that you can enjoy a clean car.  Not only does it have compartments for multiple storage purposes, it also has a convenient space to hold...Read More..


DIY Dog Lamp

Make a cute doggy lamp for your kids room with this DIY lamp kit that comes with the cute doggy face lamp and wall sticker body.  The cord makes the perfect leash for this lamp.  Your kids will love

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Inigo Montoya Funny Mug

If you love the movie The Princess Bride and remember the famous line Inigo Montoya delivered so eloquently, then you will love this funny mug.  This is a great gift for anyone who loves comedy.  Teachers will love this mug as the saying is...Read More..


Monochromatic Deck Of Cards

Very cool and sleek design of black on black playing cards.  They were designed with coolness and style in mind.  It is sure to be a hit for your next poker game.  The cards are almost impossible to see by an opponent and great for people who ...Read More..


Batman Dual Blade Knife

A sexy and cool knife for a durable tool to cut through any tough item.  With a dual blade you can use it for two different things without having to contaminate the blade. The blades are very sharp and beautifully crafted to look exactly like ...Read More..


Pistol Knife

Don't carry a boring knife, use this pistol knife instead and look cool doing whatever it is you're doing.  A very sharp knife to cut and carve and use as the best tool in your emergency bug out bag.  It's foldable and is great for knife throw...Read More..


Darth Vader Toaster

A lot of people claim to be Star Wars fans, but are they a true Star Wars fan at heart? If you have one of these Darth Vader toasters in your home, then you rank high up there among the true Star Wars enthusiasts. What better way to turn a ...Read More..


LED Tactical Knife

This tactical knife includes an LED light to light up directly in front of the knife so that you can have a clear view at night as well as day time.  This knife is very durable and sharp and cuts through the toughest items like butter.  The li...Read More..


Math Clock

Get students to use their head as they stare at the clock to break for lunch or leave for home.  Treat your mind by exercising it every time you want to know what time it is.  What time is it? It's math time! Go ahead and crunch some number...Read More..


Diving Man Tea Infuser

Fred the deep tea diver is the cutes tea infuser you'll ever meet.  Just put your desired tea into Fed and lower him down into your cup.  You can watch him slowly releasing tea into your hot water.  When he has let out the desired amount of...Read More..


Kids Dinner Winner Plate

This plate will help fill your child's nutritious needs every meal.  You can pack on the veggies and healthy foods you want them to eat and they will eat them all just to get to the finish line.  Make mealtime a fun time for you and your ki...Read More..


Beer Bottle Organizer Magnets For Fridge

Neatly organize your beer in the fridge with these magnets and never worry about rolling bottles again.  No more hiding beer either because they will be easily accessible with these magnets. Saves space in your fridge. Allows you to have th...Read More..


Transparent Lock Pick Kit

Learn about locks and how they work by learning how to pick them for fun.  This is very educational and fun to play with. Package includes: 1 pcs cutway padlock + 12 pcs manganese steel Locksmith crochet hook. Lock with open chambers on all...Read More..