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Buying unique gifts is not an easy task - especially for people who seem to have everything. Odd Gifts works around the clock to bring you hand picked list of the most unique and unusual gifts from around the web. Our unique gift ideas are guaranteed to inspire you to always buy only cool and exciting gifts.

Goldfish In A Bag Earrings

These super cute goldfish in a bag earrings are sure to get you dozens of double takes and admiring looks from onlookers. The earrings are miniature versions of a single goldfish secured inside a tiny take-home bag just like you would if you w...Read More..

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Money Bow Tie

You will look like a million bucks in this handsome Money Bow Tie. Perfect for any occasion where a little bit of dressing up is required, this fabric bow tie has an American one hundred dollar bill printed on it and is shaped into a bow ti...Read More..

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Tactical Knife With Fire Starter

This stainless steel blade tactical knife with fire starter is the ultimate tactical knife to carry in your survival kit. It's sharp and durable enough to cut through the toughest ropes and obstacles plus it comes with a magnesium all...Read More..

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Spicy Tabasco Dark Chocolates

These aren't any ordinary chocolates, these are spicy Tabasco dark chocolates. These wonderfully spicy and tasty dark chocolates are a truly unique chocolate gift which packs a surprise kick when eaten. People who love spicy food and Tabasc...Read More..

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18 in 1 Snowflake Multi Tool

This super handy 18 in 1 snowflake multi tool is made of strong stainless steel and features 18 incredible tools in one pocket-sized gadget. This tool was originally designed as a snowboard tool, hence the snowf...Read More..

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Sneaker Wash And Dry Bag

Wash and dry your sneakers with ease and without hearing that annoying tumbling noise with this sneaker wash and dry bag. This handy bag is designed to go into the wash and afterwards placed into your dryer giving you perfectly clean and dr...Read More..

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Tool Shaped Pens

These tool shaped pens are so very cool and look just like real actual tools. Take them to the office, put them in the garage, but wherever you put them be sure to keep an eye on them as they have a habit of going 'missing'. These pens are ...Read More..

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FridgeFork Condiment Fork

Use this FridgeFork Condiment Fork on jars of pickles to easily remove the contents from the jar.  Then simply rinse and put it back in it's holder to use the next time you take it out of the fridge.  Never again reach for a fork or spoon a...Read More..

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Mustache Ice Cube Molds

Add a touch of style and fun to your drinks with these mustache ice cube molds and let the laughter melt your worries away. These molds let you freeze a variety of different styles of stashes to pop into your drinks. Works great as a chocol...Read More..

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Mom Coloring Book

This one is for all the moms and makes the perfect coloring book to wind down and relax with. The Mom Coloring Book is filled with exquisite patterns and artistic designs to let mom de-stress as she colors them in.

This inspiring and...Read More..

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Hedgehog Gloves

These Hedgehog Gloves are super soft rather than prickly and make a cute addition to your winter wardrobe. Keep your hands warm and cozy this winter with these adorable gloves. Made from faux fur these gloves ar...Read More..

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Money Toilet Paper

Live like the filthy rich and use the bathroom in style with a roll of Money Toilet Paper. We have all sat on the toilet and dreamt of wiping you know what with cold hard cash and now you have the perfect chance to fulfil your dr...Read More..

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Easy Melon Slicer

Easily slice and serve your watermelon to your guests in an instant. This slicer is designed to slice evenly each time. You can also cube your melon slices and have bite size melons to serve.

It is designed to slice through the botto...Read More..

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Temporary Toupee Tattoos

Have fun with these fun and hilarious temporary toupee tattoos. Wear them for selfies and flaunt your baldness with these unique stickers. This set includes 35 unique temporary tattoos. They are non-toxic, waterproof and removable. Perfect ...Read More..

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Love Fortune Cookies

Surprise him or her with a wonderful box of Love Fortune Cookies which contain love filled messages in each and every delicious chocolate covered cookie. These sweet and crunchy love fortune cookies come in a charming red box with the Chine...Read More..

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Super Hero Spoon

Your kids will absolutely love eating with this super hero spoon. This spoon is cleverly disguised as an action figure with the body of the spoon being the super hero's body which is attached to an ordinary spoon head making meal time a fun...Read More..

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Happy F**king Birthday Candles

Make a statement and let everyone know how you feel with these Happy F**king Birthday Candles. This pack includes 16 candles to put on top of your cake to spread your birthday joy to your guests.

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Groot Flower Plant Pot

If you loved Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy then you will love this Groot Flower Plant Pot. This realistic looking Groot pot is hollowed out in the top making it ideal for tiny succulents or cacti. Or if you don't want to plant anything in h...Read More..

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Car Organizer Purse Hook

Keep your purse neat and clean and off the floor of your car.  This hook will allow you to easily hang your purse or bag in your car like you would at home.  Instead of keeping it on the ground or the seats and in hard to reach places, you ...Read More..

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Sandwich Puzzle Shape Cutters

These sandwich puzzle shape cutters cut sandwiches into the shape of puzzles which can literally be puzzled together with each other. These cutters are perfect for sandwiches, toast, cakes, fairy bread, cookies and more. They are designed t...Read More..

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Festival Feet Shoe Covers

Protect your shoes from getting muddy and dirty at festivals with these handy Festival Feet Shoe Covers. With these Festival Feet Covers you can rest assured that your feet will stay mud-less while you engage in your dancing, singing and ge...Read More..

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