Custom Bobbleheads

  • $149.00

Did you know you can get custom bobbleheads made? It's true! Now, you can get yourself or anyone else made into a perfect bobblehead from any picture you choose. These custom bobbleheads are truly perfection. Once you've chosen your desired photo, your custom bobblehead will be made to any specifications you desire.

These custom bobbleheads are all hand-made and you can choose between having the head fixed or a shaking head attached to the figurine at the neck by a small spring. You can even accessorize your bobblehead with glasses, a watch, a backpack or any other small accessories you desire. You are only limited by your own imagination as to how your final bobblehead will look. You even get to pick the pose and all the other details of your unique bobblehead.

These custom bobbleheads are truly a one-of-a-kind gift idea that will delight anyone who receives it.

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