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Muffin Top Baking Cups

We’ve all been out in public and seen the muffin top look on someone. Well, now you can bake your own muffin tops in your own home with these Muffin Top Baking Cups. Simply fill up the cups with your favorite batter, pop in the o...Read More..


Butler Plate Server

Dinner is served! You may be forgiven for thinking this item is related to ‘Thing’ from The Addams Family, but we assure you its far less creepy than that. The Butler Plate Server takes the place of a regular butler to serve up y...Read More..


Inflatable Dalek

Exterminate! Exterminate! Quite possibly Doctor Who’s most abominable enemy, you can now create fear in your friends and family with your very own inflatable Dalek. Although, this Dalek is only full of air he won’t actually harm ...Read More..


Han Solo Ice Cube Tray

Oh my tender heart still breaks every time I watch the scene of Darth Vader ordering Han to be frozen in carbonite. Well, now we can all relive the scene over and over again with the Han Solo Ice Cube Tray. Ideal for ice, chocola...Read More..


Air Guitar

Be the rock star you were born to be with the amazing Air Guitar. Featuring infrared sensors that detect your hand motions, this air guitar plays all chords in major, share, flat and seventh. Comes with 10 preset songs built in a...Read More..


Gumball Machine Fishbowl

Fish don’t get the attention they deserve at home amongst the other pets in the family. So we feel that fish deserve to stand out and we’re fairly confident they will with this incredible retro Gumball Fishbowl. The fishbowl come...Read More..


Sizzling Bacon Exploding Candy

This Sizzling Bacon Exploding Candy not only tastes like bacon, it also turns your mouth into a frying pan. Pop some of the candy in your mouth and in a matter of seconds the candy will begin to sizzle on your tongue. Don’t worry...Read More..


World’s Largest Diamond

We all know that diamonds are a girls best friend. But what if you gave the girl in your life the World’s Largest Diamond? You’d score a billion brownie points. This glassy glass diamond weights over 8 pounds and comes with its o...Read More..


Bogeyman Egg Separator

Very gross but very handy, the Bogeyman Egg Separator is a must have in every kitchen. Great for the chef in the family this separator will make separating those yolks and whites so much easier. Just break a raw egg into Mr Bogey...Read More..


Wash Away Your Sins Hand Soap

Effective on all 7 deadly sins this hand soap makes a great gift for all liars, cheaters, wrong-doers or anyone with a guilty conscience. Instantly kills sins on contact and lets you wash away dirty deeds in seconds. Simply pump ...Read More..


‘Random Crap’ Storage Bag

This large storage bag is perfect for all that random crap which is why they named it the ‘Random Crap’ Storage Bag. Perfect to store all that random stuff you can’t bear to throw away, this oversized tote is water resistant with...Read More..


Desktop Drum Set

Drum it like a rock star with this Desktop Drum Set. Although it may be a mini me version of what goes on stage its still big on sound. This kit has a high gloss, speckled finish and chrome plated accents and features the classic...Read More..


Cat Scratch Turntable

Kitty cats get into all sorts of naughty behaviour at home so its with great pleasure that we present to you this Cat Scratch Turntable. This turntable comes with spinable deck and posable arm to help kitty exercise their muscles...Read More..


Pickle Lip Balm

In the bygone days before lip balm was invented ye olde lads and lasses would have to chop off the top of a pickle and slather it on their chapped lips for any relief and from all accounts it stung. Fortunately with Pickle Lip Ba...Read More..


Pebble Pillows

Bring the outdoors in with these realistic looking giant Pebble Pillows. They look just like huge oversized pebbles but are actually soft and plush pillows. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like one of the tiny characters from Honey...Read More..


Voodoo Doll

Your enemies don’t stand a chance with this Voodoo Doll. Packed with instructions on applying curses using pins (not included), this stuffed voodoo doll has a weighted bottom so it can stand on its own. Standing at 9 inches tall ...Read More..


Moon Light

'That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind'. The Moon Light will have you feeling just like Neil Armstrong when you own this incredible space lamp. Featuring impact craters on the surface the Moon Light will cast ...Read More..


The Man Bowl

Its a dog bowl just for men. It looks just like a classic dog bowl but is actually a sturdy ceramic dish with the word ‘MAN’ on the side. Its large size accommodates even the largest serving of cereal or SpaghettiOs. Although, it...Read More..


Crazy Cat Lady Figurine

Every town has a crazy cat lady. She’s the one with all the cats who lives in that tiny house draped in her dressing gown. Now you can buy your own version of the crazy cat lady. She comes complete with that crazy eyed look, wild...Read More..


Sweet Berry Cake Ring

It may look like a cake but its not a cake - its a ring. This delicious looking piece of jewelry is delicately made with Swarovski crystals and would make a wonderful unique gift for that someone special who loves cake. This ring...Read More..


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