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Himalayan Salt Block For Grill

Add natural seasoning and flavor to your barbecue meat with this himalayan salt slab.  Just place the stone on your grill to preheat and cook your meat right on top for a moist and flavorful piece of meat.  You can let the meat rest on the sla...Read More..


Giant Pretzel Pool Float

Hop into the pool and enjoy the sun on this fun and delicious pretzel pool float.  It has room for up to 3 kids so you and your friends can all get inside and chit chat and have fun.  It is great to have around for floating and tanning and for...Read More..


Baby Duck Sippy Cup

Let your kids be as trendy and hip as you are with this funny baby ducks sippy cup.  This cute little sippy cup is a perfect match to your favorite coffee cup.  Let your little one enjoy their favorite juice, milk or water while you have your ...Read More..


Giant Bubble Maker

Bigger is almost always better and so is this giant bubble maker.  Go out and have fun with your kids, your friends and your family with a bubble maker that makes huge bubbles to play with.  It's easy to make and fun for everyone.  The kit com...Read More..


World's Tiniest Violin

When someone is boring you to death, don't just gesture a violin playing, pull out your world's tiniest violin and start stranding them to sleep instead.  This miniature violin measures a whopping 4inches and comes with a tiny bow to play with...Read More..


Doughnut Warming Mug

Eat your warm doughnut and drink your hot coffee doubling your morning pleasure of breakfast.  This awesome coffee mug lets you drink your hot coffee and warm your tasty treat at the same time.  The hot steam rises to the top and makes your co...Read More..


Glitter Water Bottle

Add some sparkle to your healthy water habit.  This water bottle is bedazzled with gold glitter around through this entire water bottle adding a much needed shiny though.  The bottle is insulated with a double wall with a loop lid and a spout ...Read More..


Game Of Thrones Coin

Pay your subjects with this rare, one of a kind Game of Thrones iron coin of the faceless man by the shire post.  This officially licensed coin was used in the story lines of Arya Stark and her journey with the faceless man.  This coin is the ...Read More..


Survival Kit Sardine Can

Store this sardine can with the rest of your emergency items in your storage and be prepared for the worst.  This sardine can is full of essential tools that will help you survive a rough survival situation until help arrives.  If you find you...Read More..


Smart Phone Endoscope Camera

Connect this endoscope to your phone complete with a camera and get a look inside places that are hard to see.  The possibilities are endless, check in-between furniture for items you may have dropped or down the drain to see what's holding it...Read More..


Umbrella For Purse

Don't let your designer handbag get wet and ruined under the rain.  Protect your beautiful purse with this easy to slip on umbrella for your purse.  This unique and genius product is specially crafted to keep your valuables from getting wet an...Read More..


Beer Bottle Lamp

Give your room a fresh and industrial look with this unique beer bottle lamp.  The unit is made with industrial black iron fittings and recycled beer bottle.  The two distinct features are combined and engineered to create an ambient atmospher...Read More..


Easy Melon Slicer

Easily slice and serve your watermelon to your guests in an instant.  This slicer is designed to slice evenly each time, you can also cube your mellon slices and have bite size melons to serve.   It is designed to slice through the bottom and ...Read More..


Hexagon Burger Press

This unique silicone burger press will shape your patties in a hexagon honey comb shape.  You can freeze your meat and store for later use.  They easily pop out when you need to grill without sticking to each other.  This press can make 8 quar...Read More..


Chalkboard Mug

Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with with a mug that can express anything you want to say at the moment.  With this chalkboard mug, you can write anything you want to say directly onto the mug with chalk like you would on a chalkboard.  With this ...Read More..


Batman Mask With Voice Changer

Take cosplay to the next level with this amazing Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice mask that has a voice changing button.  Become the real batman when you put on this mask from the epic film that has topped the box office charts.  This is a fu...Read More..


Wooden Tie

How much would a wood tie cost if a would tie could tie wood? Be different with this wooden tie instead of the boring conventional tie, wear this amazing new tie.  Easy to wear without having to learn out to tie it, you can just slip it around...Read More..


Floppy Disk Coasters

Protect your furniture with an old favorite piece of technology that has been repurposed into coasters.  These coasters look exactly like those floppy disks of the nineties which was an iconic moment in technological history.  The set comes wi...Read More..


Gummy Pizza

Celebrate a pizza party with pizza for dinner and pizza for dessert.  These delicious gummy pizza slices are full of fruity flavors everyone will enjoy.  The toppings are colorful and fun dummies we know and love and the packaging looks like a...Read More..


Tool Shaped Pens

Bring the toolbox to the office with these fun novelty tool shaped pens.  They look like real tools and get the job done like real tools but are actually pens.  Place these on your desk and your clients will do a double take.  Great pieces for...Read More..


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