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Green Tea Sponge Cake

Be adventurous and try something new this year.  This alien looking green cake is actually made from ground green tea called matcha.  Originally from Portugal, it made it's way to Japan, where it became very loved and popular.  This a decadent...Read More..


Star Wars Darth Vader Apron

Enhance your kitchen experience and impress your guests with this awesome Darth Vader apron.  You will notice that your cooking has improved with a little extra dark force.   You will be creating super powered meals that have an extra kick to ...Read More..


Dust Mop Slippers

Don't waste your time cleaning the floors separately, just let the slippers do all the hard work without any extra effort from you.  All you have to do is wear the slippers and walk around the house like you normally do and the slippers will d...Read More..


Sunscreen Hidden Flask

Sometimes you just want to enjoy the sun with a little alcohol, now you can always carry some back up.  This hidden flask will let you take your favorite drink anywhere undetected by party poopers.  Each flask holds 8 oz, enough for small part...Read More..


LEGO Batman Alarm Clock

When Batman says it's time to get up, you get up! This super hero alarm clock is an absolute must have for all serious LEGO collectors. Weighing a hefty 1.2 lbs, he stands at 6.4 x 5.2 x 9.4 inches. While this caped crusader is infamous for hi...Read More..


Pizza Chocolate Cake

This gourmet candy pizza is packed with a milk chocolate crust, crunchy popcorn and pretzel topping, mint Oreo cookies, dark mint chocolate drizzled on top and decorated with candy snowflakes! Give the gift of a delicious and decadent de...Read More..


Emoji Poop Pillow Cookie Cutter

Make unicorn emoji poop with this Christmas cookie cutter.  You will have the most unique and trendy cookie this Holiday season with unicorn emoji poop cookies.  Inspired by the famous emoji, this is the number 1 cookie cutter of the number 2....Read More..


Rubber Band Machine Gun

The ultimate revenge on your brother for reading your diary machine gun.  Unloading 10 rounds per second, you can be sure that you will hit your target.  With the single squeeze motor driven firing you will easily unload 63 rubber bands at you...Read More..


Chocolate Shot Glass

These little shot glasses, although technically made from chocolate and not glass, are the perfect entertaining pair for your dessert cocktails.  Just pour some amaretto or Baileys Irish Cream and enjoy a decadent sweet drink to top off your d...Read More..


Lego Cufflinks for Men

Wear something more fun and interesting to work.  You will get everyone talking about your unique and creative cufflinks.  These awesome cufflinks work well with any outfit and create an element of surprise when people notice them.  They are s...Read More..


Pre Knotted Tie

Give the gift of an elegant and luxury tie with no effort to tie it at all.   The pre-knotted tie is beautifully tied in a fashionable and complex knot that you would not want to waste your time tying in the morning.  It will look trendy and s...Read More..


Star Wars Chewbacca Slippers

Don't let your feet get cold this winter, protect them with Chewbacca slippers.  These fun and plush slippers are exactly what the doctor ordered to keep you feeling happy when you are moping around the house.  Everyone will love your hairy fe...Read More..


Large Knit Throw Blanket

Nestle up in this cozy large knit blanket.  It's soft and comfortable and very warm.  It looks beautiful when thrown on your couch.  It will add a homey feel to your living room and create an inviting seating area.  You will immediately want t...Read More..


Batman Table Lamp

If you like bobble heads, then you will LOVE this Batman lamp. The base of the lamp is the body of Batman and the lampshade is the mask and face of Batman.  It looks great on bedside tables, homework desks and rooms with comic collectables.  T...Read More..


Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shakers

This salt and pepper shaker comes with a magnetic base so that you can always be sure that your salt and pepper will end up with the same spot each time.  They will not roll off the table and spill the bad luck salt everywhere.  The sleek mode...Read More..


Rain Drop Christmas Lights

Light up your trees with these beautiful rain drop lights.  When lit, these lights will look like there is a meteor shower right in front of your house or in your back yard.  The small lights light up in sequence giving them the effect of rain...Read More..


California Snowman Snowglobe

Poor Olaf thought he could survive in Cali and went on vacation during Christmas.  What happens to a snowman in the desert? Give the gift of giggles this Christmas with this funny melted snowman.  First they will be puzzled then laugh when the...Read More..


Indoor Snowball Fight

If it's too cold outside or too hot to snow, don't worry your kids can still have a snowball fight indoors with these perfectly shaped snowballs.  Made out of soft materials, these snowballs will not make a slushy mess or freeze your hands.  E...Read More..


Magnetic Car Mount

This Magnetic Car Mount and phone socket can be adhered directly to the back of most iPhones, Androids and hard smartphone cases. We picked a triple kit for best possible price. Works well with  your Phone, GPS, Tablet and even DVR! This un...Read More..


Multi Tool Axe

This multi too axe is one of the best on the market for anything like small outdoor tasks to survival. In addition to that, this multi tool axe is most likely the best looking survival gadget in the whole arsenal of similar things. It has an a...Read More..


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