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Need A Break Beer Glass

This beer glass tells it like it is.  It knows exactly what you need when it gets too rough out there in the real world.  Take a beer break and relax for a minute before you get back in the game of hustle and bustle.  This hilarious glass remi...Read More..


Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

This is the ultimate grilling apron for your man and his BBQ.  It is fully loaded with strategically designed slots to hold multiple beers securely in place.  It is complete and fully ready to take on any BBQ challenge no matter how big the hu...Read More..


Doughnut Beach Blanket

Tan in the sun on this fun and delicious looking doughnut beach blanket.  It's vibrant, colorful and pretty on the eyes. You can also use it as a towel so you can use it at the pool, at the beach and wherever there is water activities.  Now yo...Read More..


Chocolate Bar Cigarette Lighter

Light up your cigarettes with this fun chocolate bar lighter.  It looks just like a chocolate bar but works like a real lighter.  Nobody will even suspect that this is a lighter because of it's likeness to a really candy bar.  Surprise your bu...Read More..


Funny Money Clip

Give your man a money clip to wish him good fortune and more success.  He will get a kick out of this funny one that sums up the irony of having money but being unhappy.  Who ever said money doesn't buy you happiness may have been right but th...Read More..


Finger Guard For Chopping Veggies

Guard and protect our fingers from being sliced and chopped by sharp knives when you are prepping your veggies.  Wear this guard and properly place your hands away from danger and sharp cutting tools.  Great for teaching someone how to safely ...Read More..


Water Quality Tester

Check the quality of your tap water as frequently as you would like to ensure that your water is not being poisoned like in flint Michigan.  Sometimes there are chemicals in our water that are undetectable to the naked eye but with this tester...Read More..


Stuff Every Man Should Kow

Wouldn't it be great to have a handbook of all the basic things every man should know?  This book does just that.  It teaches you how to do things like how to cast a fishing rod, how to make the perfect martini, how to negotiate a raise.  It e...Read More..


Wooden Survival Mug

Have your morning coffee and espresso in your backyard or the great outdoors in this wooden mug become one with nature.  This beautifully crafted rustic mug is the best way to drink your cup of joe in the morning.  Bring the outdoors in your k...Read More..


Hedgehog Gloves

Warm up your hands with these fuzzy and cute little hedgehog mittens.  They are soft and will make you feel cozy when when wearing them.  The spikes are furry and fun for everyone to enjoy wearing.  They are very comfortable to wear and will p...Read More..


Anatomical Heart Necklace

Give your heart to your special someone this Valentine's Day and let them know how much affection you have towards them.  This beautiful anatomical heart necklace will tell them you love the.  Now your loved one can have a part of your heart w...Read More..


Boho Guitar

Play the guitar boho style with this surf wax oil can guitar.  It has 21 frets, 25.5" scale length and has a mellow and glassy sound.  The perfect way to end an evening at the beach by the sunset.  Great for gatherings and intimate settings.  ...Read More..


I'm Huuuuge Condom

Who can resist the charm of the Donald?  These condoms are "tremendous" and built like a wall to keep out all those "nasty" STDs and unwanted pregnancies 99% of the time.  These condoms will help you seal the deal in the art of negotiating for...Read More..


Spinning Spaghetti Fork

Let the fork do all the hard work for you when you're catch some spaghetti.  This amazingly fun fork spins when you press a button to gather up the spaghetti in your plate onto the fork.  Have fun playing with your food and enjoying an excitin...Read More..


Heart Shaped Umbrella

There is nothing more romantic than walking in the rain with your special someone.  Now you can show your affection to each other as you sing and dance under the rain with this beautiful heart shaped umbrella.  Gift this to your loved ones and...Read More..


Bread Slippers

The idea of loafers just got elevated to the next level with these fun bread slippers.  They look good enough to eat.  Slip into these babies and feel warm and cozy in the mornings.  Made with plush material to make you feel like they just cam...Read More..


Magnetic Hour Glass

Watch in amazement as this hand blown hourglass pours bits of magnets to form unique and unusual shapes while counting down.  This is a fun way to time things play games that are timed.  This is a great timer for your office desk as it creates...Read More..


Bacon Monopoly

If you love monopoly but are tired of playing the classic game all the time, here is a new flavor of monopoly with a bacon twist.  You can now enjoy two of your favorite things at once.  There are bacon references throughout the game that will...Read More..


Chocolate Mud Face Mask

Rejuvenate and refresh your face and your skin with chocolate.  This mask will soften and revitalize your skin every time you use it.  This mask is 98% natural, and like all FarmHouse Fresh products, it is Paraben and Sulfate Free.  It w...Read More..


Key Knife

This key is not just an ordinary key, it doubles as a knife when you need it most.  If you find yourself in an emergency situation and need to use a knife to cut through things, simply flip open this key to turn it into a knife.  It's made fro...Read More..


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